Apologies for the mess and the super inconsistant updates, but life is NOT giving me any free time to work on this atm ahaha

Anyways... Here is my: Tumblr, which is also shown to the right ->

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To actually introduce myself: I am Lee (obviously), and my pronouns are they/them. I am a MINOR, so don't be creepy or whatever.

I've had this website for a while now [since 03/07/23] and it mostly started as an alternative to my tumblr, where I could put more long-form essays (mostly on flags bc I'm a really gay nerd asdfgh). There main reason why I'm still here is because this thing is kinda like art for me. I do suck at art, which is why the graphics may be slightly dodgy haha, but what I am good at (apparently) is coding, and I love making random stuff with JS just for the fun of it. People often think of programming as a Serious Real Job kinda thing, but I'm just a silly lil' guy, and I like making silly lil' projects like this!!! <333

OK Thanks for Reading!!!